Weighing instrument and load measuring instrument help Fujian expressway toll system to achieve accurate and unified value

Compared with the traditional axle load type toll system, the whole vehicle toll system of expressway has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, anti cheating and long service life. In 2017, Fujian Expressway launched the first batch of 265 vehicle type toll collection system transformation projects, covering 185 toll stations in Fujian Province. The vehicle type dynamic truck scale technical indicators: the range is 100t, the static part is medium accuracy level, and the dynamic part is level 1; The weighing enterprises winning the bid are Beijing Wanji, Chongqing Datang, Shaanxi Siwei and Aerospace Sanwo.

The vehicle type dynamic truck scale has static and dynamic functions, and the value of the dynamic part is based on the value of the static part, so the accuracy of the static part is crucial to the verification of the dynamic part. Fujian Provincial Institute of Metrology requires the weighing instrument manufacturer to carry out factory inspection on the static part of the installed vehicle type dynamic truck scale in strict accordance with the specifications before verification, and arrange verification after it is qualified. All four weighing instrument enterprises have adopted weighing instrument load measuring instrument developed by Fujian Provincial Institute of Metrology as the standard instrument for full range and full performance commissioning and factory inspection. The inspection efficiency is about 2 hours for each weighing instrument. This inspection method is highly recognized by enterprises.

Fujian Provincial Institute of Metrology, in accordance with JJG1118-2015 Electronic Automobile Scale (Weighing Apparatus Load Measuring Instrument Method) and JJG 907-2006 Verification Regulation of Automatic Weighing Apparatus for Dynamic Road Vehicles, has for the first time realized the full range and full performance verification of all vehicle type dynamic automobile scales according to the national technical specifications, solved various problems in the verification using the weight method, ensured the accuracy of the verification, improved the work efficiency, and achieved good results. The verification results show that the static error of the whole vehicle dynamic truck scale is less than 25kg in the range of (1~25) tons, and less than 50kg in the range of (25~100) tons, and the total weight of about 30t trucks is used for weighing verification between stations throughout the province, and the weighing difference is not more than 50kg; The dynamic weighing accuracy is better than 0.5%. It has truly realized the accuracy and unity of the measurement value of the weighing toll meter in Fujian Province. At present, all the verification work has been completed and has been put into use.

Fujian Provincial Expressway Company fully affirmed and highly evaluated the verification method and results. According to preliminary statistics, "since Fujian Province gradually tried out the whole vehicle scale, the weight of single vehicle of trucks with more than three axles has increased by 1.67% year on year, and the effect should be affirmed."

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