Guangxi nanning huaxing electronic weighing apparatus co., LTD., founded in 1990, is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of electronic weighing apparatus and industrial control products. Guangxi electronic weighing apparatus industry the longest history, the most advanced technology enterprises; It is a member of China weighing apparatus association and executive director of guangxi metrology association. It has been rated as "advanced unit" by nanning municipal people's government for many years, and has been awarded the honorable title of "commitment unit for integrity, rights protection" and "enterprise for keeping good faith and paying attention to contracts" by nanning municipal bureau of industry and commerce. In the user enjoys a high reputation, the company has always been good quality, technical excellence, high credit, good service.


Guangxi nanning huaxing electronic weighing apparatus co., LTD. Has a group of experienced senior engineers and skilled employees, with nearly 20 years of development and production experience. In the past 20 years, with a long period of practical experience and strong technical force, huaxin has been developing and expanding continuously in the fierce market competition, and has possessed the necessary conditions for its development to a standardized and large-scale manner. Engineers are constantly absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad, while developing and improving more advanced equalizer products and industrial control products, and providing users with perfect after-sales service.


The company specializes in the production of various electronic weighing equipment, industrial control products, mainly:


Electronic weighing equipment: dcs-bz series electronic quantitative packaging scale (including hopper scale), SCS series electronic automobile scale, lcs-yt series liquid accumulative scale, dcs-fl series powder scale, PCS series computer batching scale, FCS series weight sorting scale, TCS series electronic platform scale, ICS series electronic belt scale, etc.


Industrial control items: automatic separator control system, steam metering and distribution system, computer automatic packing system, equal pressure and drainage control, gas delivery system, automatic coding machine, data acquisition system, etc.

And undertake the design and installation of weighing control engineering and automation control engineering; Acting for the import of automation products and accessories.


Among them, dcs-50-bz electronic quantitative packaging scale is our company's flagship product, which has won the hundred flowers award for science and technology progress of the western region, the second prize for excellent new product achievement of the district, and the first prize for science and technology progress of nanning district.


The product quality is produced according to GB/T 7721-1995, GB/T 7722-2005, GB/T 7723-2002, QB/T 2501-2000, QB/T 1078-2004 and other quality standards.


The company's products have spread all over the country, and exported to southeast Asia, South America states and other countries. With superior performance, stable quality and first-class after-sales service, win the praise of users.


The company is located in nanning city, capital of guangxi. Convenient for users to visit, consult or buy.


All colleagues of guangxi nanning huaxing electronic balance co., LTD are willing to cooperate with you sincerely and develop together to make a contribution to electronic balance and industrial control.


Company summary: sincerity as the basis, quality to survive, based on trust, scientific and technological innovation!

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