Weighbridge computer maintenance

Daily maintenance of weighbridge

Maintenance of weighing display controller

(1) Frequently check whether the wiring is loose and broken, and whether the grounding wire is firm.

(2) When the weighing display controller is not used for a long time (such as more than one month), the power on inspection shall be carried out according to the environmental conditions to prevent the reliability from being affected by moisture or other harmful gases.

(3) The weighing display controller shall be kept away from heat sources and vibration sources.

(4) There shall be no flammable and explosive gas or dust in the use environment.

(5) Inductive load, such as doorbell, shall not be connected to the same phase line of the weighing display controller.

(6) When the weighing display controller is not used for a long time, the fuse is replaced, the position is moved or the dust is removed, the power supply must be cut off.

(7) In case of failure of the weighing display controller, the power shall be cut off immediately, and then the professional department and personnel shall be notified to check and sort it out. The user shall not dismantle the case at will, nor replace the internal parts at will.

(8) Weighing personnel and instrument maintenance personnel can only be engaged in operation and maintenance through special training.

Maintenance of weighbridge platform

(1) There shall be no stones, coal and other foreign matters stuck in the clearance around the platform.

(2) Regularly check whether the limit clearance is reasonable, and the limit bolt shall not collide with the scale body.

(3) The connector shall be maintained every half a year, and the bearing head shall be coated with grease.

(4) It is prohibited to conduct arc welding on the scale platform. If it is necessary to conduct arc welding on the scale platform. Please pay attention to the following points: (Disconnect the signal cable from the weighing display controller; the grounding wire of the arc welding must be set near the welded part and firmly contact the scale body; never use the sensor as a part of the arc welding circuit)

Computer maintenance

(1) Ensure that the computer grounding system is in good condition.

(2) It is strictly forbidden to open and close the computer frequently, move and disassemble the computer at will.

(3) The computer shall be kept away from water source and strong electromagnetic interference.

(4) It is strictly prohibited to use foreign floppy disks at will to prevent virus infection.

(5) It is strictly forbidden to use hard objects, such as a screwdriver, to hit the keyboard.

(6) The machine room shall be kept clean, and the temperature shall meet the requirements of the main engine manual.

(7) The operators shall be trained before taking the post.

Replace the sensor

(1) Open the cover plate above the sensor (damaged), jack up the scale platform with a jack, and remove the sensor ground wire.

(2) Open the junction box and free the damaged sensor cable from the junction box. Pull out the cable at the sensor end. Note: When pulling the wire, attach a lead wire to pass through the scale body, so that when replacing a new sensor, the cable can pass through the scale body and enter the junction box.

(3) Refer to the method in the second item above, pass the sensor cable through the scale body and enter the junction box.

(4) Each core of the cable shall be fixed on the corresponding terminal of the junction box according to the wiring diagram.

(5) Loosen the jack, level the platform, and cover the cover plate.

(6) After replacing the sensor, the truck scale must be reset and calibrated.

(7) After the sensor is installed, its redundant cables shall be bundled and placed, and shall not be placed directly on the foundation ground.

(8) To ensure the consistency and interchangeability of the sensor, the sensor cable shall not be arbitrarily cut off.

(9) During installation and removal, no scratches or bumps shall occur to the sensor, and the cable shall be protected.

system maintenance

(1) After installation, the weighing instrument shall be properly stored with instructions, certificates, installation drawings and other data, and shall not be put into use until it is verified as qualified by the local measurement department or the national recognized measurement department.

(2) Before the system is powered on, check whether the grounding device of the power supply is reliable; The power must be cut off after off duty shutdown.

(3) Before using the weighing instrument, check whether the weighing instrument body is flexible and whether the performance of each supporting component is good.

(4) The weighing display controller must be started for preheating, generally about 30 minutes.

(5) In order to ensure the accuracy of the system measurement, lightning protection facilities should be provided. When welding near the weighing instrument, it is strictly prohibited to use the weighing platform as the neutral line for grounding to prevent damage to electrical components.

(6) For the scale installed in the field, the drainage device in the foundation pit shall be checked regularly to avoid blockage.

(7) Keep the junction box dry. Once there are wet air and water drops in the junction box, use a hair dryer to dry it.

(8) In order to ensure the normal measurement of the weighing instrument, it should be calibrated regularly.

(9) There shall be no impact when hoisting weighing objects; When measuring the vehicle load, it shall not exceed the rated weight of the system.

(10) The axle load of truck scale is related to sensor capacity, sensor fulcrum distance and other factors. In general, truck scale is prohibited to overweight short wheelbase vehicles such as forklifts that are close to the maximum weighing capacity.

(11) Weighing operators and instrument maintenance personnel shall read the instructions and relevant technical documents carefully before taking up their posts.

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