The remote controller controls the weighbridge Zhang Qiu, a man in debt, to collude with his creditors to defraud hundreds of tons of wheat

Why did hundreds of tons of grain disappear from a "heavily guarded" grain depot? Why does a creditor who urges for debt become a fraud accomplice of the creditor? A few days ago, the Jiyang County Court heard a strange case. The defendant Cai Qizhao pulled the creditor Zhao sledgehammer into the water in order to repay the debt, manipulated the weight through the remote control of the weighbridge, cheated the world out of the sea of hundreds of tons of wheat from Jinan No. 3 Grain Depot, and paid the debt with the money he had cheated. In the end, both of them were sentenced, and the old debt was outstanding, and the new debt was difficult to pay.



Hundreds of tons of grain disappeared

In April 2015, one after another strange events made Huo, the business director of Jinan No. 3 Grain Depot, uneasy. After the wheat stored in No. 4 and No. 15 granaries were completely delivered, the total amount of delivery was 150 tons and 200 tons less than the total amount of warehousing. On May 1, granaries 46 and 55 were all removed. According to the calculation, granaries 46 and 55 lost 180 tons of wheat and 107 tons of wheat respectively. The reason was found in the company, but there was no clue. In the first ten days of May, they decided to check the customers and the weighbridge. They soon found that two customers had pulled grain in the four granaries. After comparison, they found that the carrying capacity of their trucks in February was significantly reduced compared with that in January. The same trucks were 4 to 5 tons less. It was suspected that the two customers had tampered with the weighbridge or the truck.

One of the customers was Cai Qizhao from Zhangqiu. Before and after February 12, 2015, Cai had just begun to weigh 52.62 tons of grain when passing the weighbridge. He said his truck was not that heavy, so he passed the weighbridge again, and the result was more than 48.8 tons. The granary was puzzled, and weighed him many times, more than 52 tons on one side and more than 48 tons on the other. Finally, the technician from the manufacturer who installed the weighbridge had to be found to calibrate the weighing instrument. After calibration, he weighed it to Cai and found that it was still 52.6 tons.

Even the technicians of the weighbridge installation manufacturer are confused. After that, Cai Qizhao went to the Third Grain Depot of Jinan again to pull grain, and then disappeared. The grain depot began to doubt whether it was he who did the trick?

The remote control of the weighbridge is broken secretly

Jinan No.3 Grain Depot immediately reported the case to Jiyang County Public Security Bureau. The police found that it was really Cai Qizhao!

After Cai Qizhao was caught, he gave up three granary rats, and his weird trick of cheating grain also surfaced. It turned out that Cai Qizhao owed Zhao sledgehammer 80000 yuan, but he didn't pay it back. In January 2015, Zhao sledgehammer came again to demand the debt, and Cai Qizhao had a crooked idea.

"I sold grain before, and got a remote control device for the weighbridge, which can make the grain pulled" increase by tons ". You raised money to resell grain with me, and you can pay back the money you earned. What do you think?" Cai asked.

"As long as there is profit, do it!" After hearing about Cai Qizhao's ways, Zhao Dahui felt that it was easy to get money. He not only "invested" 120000 yuan, but also brought in his friend Liu Dazhuang (who was on the run), and also invested 100000 yuan as the starting fund for going to the grain depot to cheat. In fact, Cai Qizhao's trick of cheating grain is not complicated. He heard that there is a remote control technology to manipulate the weighbridge. He searched the Internet for "weighbridge remote control", got to know Xu Dabao, bought a remote control through Xu, and took it to Jinan No. 3 Grain Depot for testing. He found it really works. The data on the weighbridge display screen changes with the push of the button.

After buying the crime tools, Cai Qizhao, who is proficient in deception, did not forget to trap the seller. First, he went to an electronic mall on Beiyuan Street and copied an identical remote control for the weighbridge. Then he claimed that the Jinan grain depot was no longer selling grain, and returned the original remote control to Xu Dabao.

A dozen times cheated 260000 yuan

Next, Cai, Zhao and Liu began to work together to cheat the grain from the grain depot. Cai Qizhao is responsible for controlling the remote control of the weighbridge, Liu Dazhuang is responsible for contacting the flour mill to find a market, and Zhao Dazhou is the "treasurer". Cai Qizhao confessed that they went to the grain depot to pull grain for about a dozen times through this method, with a total of 30 to 40 trucks, which could "increase" by about 3 tons each time, and then resell it to flour manufacturers at a lower price than buying grain from the grain depot. Except for the first time, the money they paid for buying and selling grain was put on the card of Zhao Damui's wife Wang. Every time they sold grain, they paid and collected money from Wang's bank account.

From January 27 to February 12 last year, nearly half a month ago, the two men pulled more than 10 grains, about 40 vehicles, from the Third Grain Depot in Jinan. On February 12, the staff of the grain depot found that the weighbridge was abnormal, and they were afraid that the matter would be exposed. Cai Huming did not "increase the tonnage" and did not come to the grain depot anymore.

The court of Jiyang County found that the three people had cheated 105219kg of wheat, which was valued at 260943.12 yuan after identification. After learning that Cai Qizhao was arrested, Zhao sledgehammer, who had been hiding behind the scenes, knew that something had happened and tried to escape the legal punishment. Huo Moumou, the business director of Jinan No. 3 Grain Depot, recalled that on the evening after Cai Qizhao was detained by the Jiyang County Public Security Bureau, a man surnamed Zhao, who claimed to be Cai's friend, called him and asked how much damage Cai had caused to the grain depot. If he mobilized his friends to raise money to compensate, could he release Cai. "I said that the public security organ has already filed a case. Even if the compensation is made, it must be handled by the public security organ. He said that he would come to our unit the next day to negotiate and deal with Cai's problem."

Huo quickly called the investigator who handled the case and told him about it. The investigator said that one of Cai's associates was also named Zhao, and it was probably him! The next day, Zhao sledgehammer "threw himself into the net" as promised, and soon after arriving at Huo's office, he was caught by the police of Jiyang County Public Security Bureau who rushed to the office after hearing the news.

A few days ago, except Liu Dazhuang, who is still at large, the other three have been sentenced for committing fraud. Among them, the principal criminal, Cai Qizhao, was sentenced to four years and six months in prison and was fined 50000 yuan; Zhao Damui was sentenced to three years' imprisonment, suspended for four years and fined 50000 yuan; Xu Dabao, who provided Cai with a remote control, was also sentenced to one year in prison, suspended for one year and fined 10,000 yuan. (All parties are pseudonyms)

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