Electronic platform scale manufacturer: brief introduction to electronic platform scale

The electronic platform scale is a kind of weighing equipment. It uses the force deformation principle of the electronic strain element to output small analog electrical signals, which are transmitted to the weighing display instrument through the signal cable to perform weighing operations and display weighing results.

Electronic platform scale is an essential tool in quantitative analysis. The full understanding and skilled use of the instrument performance are the guarantee for obtaining reliable analysis results.

Precautions for electronic platform scale:

1. The electronic platform scale shall be placed on a solid and stable cement table or wooden table. The room needs to be clean, dry and relatively constant temperature. At the same time, direct illumination on the balance shall be avoided.

2. When weighing the electronic platform scale, materials shall be taken away from the side door. When reading, the door shall be closed to prevent the balance from swinging due to air flow. The front door is only used for maintenance or removal of residual materials.

3. If the electronic platform scale is not used for a long time, it should be powered on and preheated regularly once a week for 2 hours each time to ensure that the instrument is always in good condition.

4. The moisture absorbent (such as silica gel) shall be placed in the balance box. When the hygroscopic agent absorbs moisture and discolors, it shall be baked and replaced at high temperature to ensure hygroscopic performance.

5. Volatile, corrosive, strong acid and alkali substances should be weighed in a weighing bottle with a cover to prevent corrosion of the balance.


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